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THE GIFT, the luxury gift card

The Gift allows your recipient to choose their own gift from a wide range of luxury products, through an easy-to-access site. It couldn't be easier; all you have to do is pass the cards on to the beneficiaries.

THE GIFT card is available in 2 formats:

  • Or in the form of a box to be given to beneficiaries.
  • Or in a paperless format ideal for sending gifts by e-mail.

We offer a high-performance logistics service with delivery within 48 hours in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg.

The Gift is a complete solution without any hidden costs, everything is included in the price: the gift box, the transport, the gift and the after-sales service of 2 years.

In addition, we offer numerous card personalization solutions, helping to make the experience even more amazing for your customers.

A complete service without surprises You offer the cards, we take care of everything else

  • Cards are delivered in exclusive presentation boxes.
  • The gift to choose from in a wide range.
  • The gift sent within 72 hours where your recipient wishes.
  • 2 year warranty and efficient after-sales service.

You simply choose the budget for your cards

Several price levels are available (Your recipients will of course never know the value of the gift).

Personalize your gifts: The Gift offers many possibilities of personalization (cards, boxes and website).

Your beneficiary receives this card ... and finds the connection information directly on the back of it.

Your beneficiary simply logs in. The site address shown on the back of the card.


Give the perfect gift to your clients and associates, with minimal effort. You offer the card, and we take care of the rest. Not to mention the possibilities for customization.


Great ! Click on the ORDER button below and let us know the price range and quantity you want. If you want a personalized card, send us your logo by email with instructions.


Available only for items that can be found under the following link:


The minimum quantity for personalized cards and boxes is 100 units.

For more information, please contact one of our sales representatives.


With this new brand new service, everything will become much simpler. Not only will you save time, but also the impact of the item that you want to offer to your customers or to your employees will make a strong and unforgettable impression.


For each target group. For every budget. For every moment. A personalized gift box is always a good option.

To get this SURPRISE EFFECT from recipients!

Here is how it works:

Create your own personalized gift box from scratch.

personal gifts

Available only on items that are under our NAMED GIFTS theme only!

See products


The minimum quantity to create your own boxes is 50 pieces.

For more information, please contact our sales department.

Download the technical sheet.


What we propose:
- Creation of 3 logo proposals
- Declination of your new logo in PMS, Full color and Monochrome colors set together
- Declination of your logo on the supports such as: Business card, Letterhead, envelope, compliment card.
- Define a font that should be used for all your media
- Decline your new logo in various formats such as: JPG, PDF, AI, PNG


Despite the rise of the Internet, paper remains the first medium on which the visual identity of a brand is declined. Paper carriers such as business cards, envelopes or letterhead are essential tools for all businesses.
Discover below all the range of paper media that AZAP offers:


If you can not find the support you are looking for on our platform or in our general catalog, simply send us your request with the description of the support or send us an image / photo of the article to the next email address:[email protected]
It is with great pleasure that we will conduct a thorough search with our partners to find the desired support. We will strive to find the item that is closest to the desired model in the shortest time possible.


The "Handling" is an activity that consists of composing a set of advertising media and catalogs presented in bags that will be distributed to guests during your events.
AZAP offers you this service in order to save you a lot of time and avoid mobilizing your employees to perform this task.

Steps to follow:
- Identify and list the tasks to be performed during a briefing between AZAP and the client.
- Validation of the quotation of the service by the customer.
- Consolidate in AZAP premises all the necessary media: items ordered as well as the media provided by the customer. (eg catalogs)
- Validation by the customer of a sample of the complete set.
- After validation of the sample, the handling can begin.
- Delivery of the finished sets to the address indicated by the customer.


If you do not find the appropriate support on our platform or if a support interests you but is not available in the desired color, AZAP offers to have the support chosen by one of our partners produced and imported into as soon as possible.
Similarly AZAP also offers to export your media abroad if you wish.
AZAP works closely with partners who have many years of experience in the field of import / export to allow us to import or ship the ordered media in the best conditions.